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It can be a bit nerve-wracking to have someone come into your home… but it doesn’t need to be! See what my clients have said about working with me below. And if you don’t have time to read them all, let me sum it up: I’m fun to work with, I listen to my clients and help them gain clarity, I specialize in working with what you’ve got, and my design approach is affordable and accessible. Need more details? Read on!


Working with Heather was so much fun! She is flexible, knowledgable, and has a serious knack for using what decor and furniture pieces you already have and finding a purpose for them. I think that’s what stood out the most for me—her tenacity to find a purpose out of decor pieces I’d given up on! From listening to what I envisioned my home to feel and look like, to doing a Target run with me and sweating from running up and down my stairs/moving pieces of furniture with me, She was excited to dive into everything and anything! I got the 3 hour package and am so glad I did. You will love working with her for any of your design needs.—Cece

Heather from Mysa Home Styling was so fun to work with in my home! My husband took advantage of a promotion she did over the holiday season and bought me a styling package. I loved receiving it– home styling with Mysa is like a spa day for your home!  Heather came in and helped me put up and rearrange decor in our new house and involved me and my style in the process. She was very flexible and modified her service to fit my wants and needs. I would gladly recommend her to anyone, of any budget, who wants help making their home comfortable, beautiful, and welcoming!  —Laura

Heather came over to our new home before we purchased furniture and helped me walk through some ideas for types of furniture, paint colors and general design for a smaller home.  She had great ideas that I had never considered and it gave me more confidence as my husband and I went our to make some purchases.   I highly recommend Heather, not only for her great ideas and gift of design but also because she is honest, and passionate about helping people design a home that is comfortable for them.  She would be an asset to any home design or makeover. —Lulu

I was so overwhelmed with decorating our huge built in bookshelf in our dining room, but I’m so glad we had Heather to help! She jumped right in and put everything together beautifully. I liked that she used a lot of what I had and also brought in some of her own finds which were lovely!

Since I do not live in the area, I was able to work with Heather through a virtual online styling session. She asked me what I wanted the time together to look like, as there are many different ways a virtual session can work. She also asked me right off if I had a budget, which I thought was so thoughtful and smart so that she could work out a design within that budget. I decided to discuss an area of my home with her and the function I desired – this was done together over Skype. Then she began putting together some idea boards on Pinterest. From there, I was able to look at what she had gathered and tell her what designs/decorations interested me, and she put together a final inspiration board. What I really appreciated is that all the items she chose were affordable and accessible from stores in my city, so I was able to easily replicate the design. Overall an enjoyable and productive experience! Thanks Heather!—Kerry

Heather came to our house to help me figure out a space that I just couldn’t get quite right. She did a great job giving me ideas and feeling out what worked best for our family’s everyday life! We moved our large sectional couch and added some baskets (that I already had) to balance the room (the idea never occurred to me!)…then she helped me balance out my shelf in a look I love, but couldn’t quite accomplish. Heather did a great job discussing my style, and my needs so that what she did aligned with those. I loved how she utilized items I had, and had a thing or two to add if needed. I would definitely recommend her!—Nichole

Heather was so wonderful in accommodating my needs from afar as she suggested the virtual styling option. It was simple enough for me to take a few pictures, send her my thoughts using Pinterest (brilliant idea by the way) and say yay or nay to some concepts she pulled together. She was very prompt in answering questions and sticking to the initial timeline. Heather’s flexibility and willingness to provide suggestions for both items I already had and ones I could purchase was appreciated. There were some items I would have loved to buy but realized I didn’t have the room or found something similar. I would hands down utilize Heather’s keen eye for design and home styling again!—Gina

Heather has a great eye for style. I set out many décor items and she pulled from ‘the pile’ and transformed our newly finished basement. It went from bland and boring to homey and cozy. Thanks Heather!—Shera

So, we moved into a house a bit smaller and less open than our last home or two or so. Downsizing and figuring out our new space has been quite tricky. So glad we called Mysa Home Styling! Heather was able to envision with us what “could be” while giving practical and helpful suggestions to be able to move forward without the cloud of confusion. Heather is flexible, optimistic and realistic about what can work for you and your budget. She has fresh ideas to share while being considerate of your preferences. I highly recommend Mysa Home Styling!—Kathleen

Heather gave us just the help we needed to spice up our mantle and bookshelf. We had most of the decorations but didn’t know what to do with them. She moved things around, added a few things, and all of a sudden we had a new look! It seemed like something we should have been able to do on our own but we couldn’t. Now it looks great!—Megan