How to Discover Your Style & Create a Cohesive Home


How to Discover Your Style & Create a Cohesive Home | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

There are two common dilemmas that I constantly hear from homeowners when it comes to decorating their home. They either don’t know what their style is, or they love many different styles and don’t know how to blend them without their home looking crazy! Do you fall into either of these two camps? If so, I’m so excited to share this resource with you!

I’ve created a handbook for how to discover your style and create a cohesive home. This will be your manual for figuring out what your style is, how to blend styles seamlessly, and how to effortlessly incorporate that style into every room of your home.

I’lll  walk you through the five steps to discovering your style so that at the end of the process you know your personal style to a tee, and even have a name for it. Knowing your style will help you make purchasing decisions, guide you as you paint, arrange, and decorate, and will ultimately save you loads of money, time, and headaches.

What you get:
  • A 30-page digital guidebook that covers topics like:
    • Five Steps to Discovering Your Style
    • Blending Multiple Styles
    • Your Home’s Color Story
    • Bringing Your Style into Every Room of the House
    • Decorating on a Budget
    • Worksheets to help you along the way


This handbook is for you if:
  • You’ve found yourself standing in the aisles of a home decor store, overwhelmed with all the choices, or wasted money on decorations you later realize you don’t like
  • You’ve spent hours aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest waiting for inspiration to strike
  • You feel like your home looks like a hodgepodge of different styles, or like it has no style at all
This handbook isn’t for you if:
  • You’re perfectly happy with how your home currently looks
  • You can articulate your style in one phrase
  • You feel like your home is cohesive and unified

So don’t wait! If you fall into the camp of not knowing your style, or not knowing how to blend all the styles you love, then this guide is the perfect tool for you. Don’t continue to waste time and money on decorating that doesn’t fit your style (or worse yet—live in fear and do nothing!) when you can solve your problem today.

I look forward to walking with you through this journey of style discovery and hope that you’ll reach out to me after you’ve gone through this guidebook! I’d love to help you further implement your style and create a home that cultivates contentment and joy.