5 Fall Decorating Trends You Need to Know How to Cozy Up Your Home & My Favorite Fall Finds

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Fall is RIGHT around the corner, and I have to say that as much as I hate that it signals the coming of Winter, I do truly love Fall. I’m not one of those people who completely redecorates their home for every season, but it can definitely be fun to switch things up a bit and do a little refresh as the weather changes. And with the change from hot, long summer days to cooler, shorter Fall ones, it’s the perfect time to add some coziness to your home.

So today I wanted to share with you five Fall decorating trends that I’ve noticed, along with ways to incorporate them into your home and some of my favorites from each trend.

Plaid & Buffalo Check

The beginning of Fall always makes me think of plaid. There’s just something so cozy about throwing on an oversized men’s flannel, and incorporating plaid and buffalo check patterns into your decor is like doing that to your home!

Touches of Nature

One of the easiest (and most affordable!) ways to add a touch of Fall to your home is to bring in some nature! Whether it be from your yard (pinecones, branches, leaves, etc.), or from the store (pumpkins, floral arrangements, wreaths, etc.), nature will help to bring that Fall vibe to your home.

Rustic Accessories

Adding in some accessories with a rustic flair will bring some of that farmhouse charm to your home, and definitely helps to usher in those cozy Fall feel. Think reclaimed wood, tin, rattan, woven materials, and the like!

Cozy Textiles

Cozy textiles add warmth and comfort to your space. Look for pillows, throws, and rugs made of soft materials. Bonus points if they have extra texture!

Deep, Warm Colors

Using deep, warm colors throughout your home is a great way to keep away the chill at this time of year. Bringing in accents, accessories, and decor in dark blues, reds, oranges, and greens will help your space to feel more natural and cozy.

Which trend is your favorite? I personally love touches of nature! Share in the comments below!

Organizing for Your Lifestyle: Bathroom Organization Ideas for Organizing makeup, toiletries, and other bathroom products

Organizing for Your Lifestyle: Bathroom Organization | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

Today I have a special treat for you… an excerpt on bathroom organization from Organizing for Your Lifestyle, the book that I’m giving away for the second week of Home*School!

In Organizing for Your Lifestyle, you’ll learn the science behind organization and not only how to get organized, but how to stay organized. The book is arranged (very meticulously, of course!) into common themes to help you organize your home.

So without further ado, here it is! (And if you’re inspired to start organizing your bathroom, check out the my three ideas for an organized bathroom!)

Organizing for Your Lifestyle: Bathroom Organization | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota


Purge the Old

Toiletries are a necessity, and as we get older, we seem to need more and more lotions, creams, and miracle serums. These added products often cause a disorganized mess. When it comes to bathrooms, I am 100% sure that you’ll find items that have expired, or that you simply don’t use. And you need to get rid of this stuff asap. When you’re cleaning out your bathroom, keep only the items that you actually use and that aren’t expired.

Once you toss your old cosmetics, skin care products, and other medicines and toiletries, it’s time to sort the rest. You can start to organize these items by preparing labelled boxes.

Sort Into 5 Categories

1. Everyday use

Items such as toothpaste, contact solution, deodorant, night and day cream, face wash and serums are the key products that I reach for every day. These belong in your medicine cabinet. If you don’t have a medicine cabinet, then the top drawer or even a basket on the sink will do. These products need to be easily accessible and should be stored with the label facing you. You can get creative in your medicine cabinet and store items in vases, small antique boxes, soap dishes, and even shot glasses, which are great for holding small elastic hair bands.

If you take medication daily, you also want to store that with your other daily essentials. On the topic of medications, a word of warning: just because it’s called a medicine cabinet, doesn’t mean all medicine should be stored there. Always be conscious of what you store in clear view, in your medicine cabinet or outside of it, as curious friends, dates, or dinner guests will always take a peek.

2. Hair care products

If you’re like most women, you have a lot of hair products. If there are products that you use on a daily basis, I would keep those in the everyday section, and if your everyday hair products don’t fit in your medicine cabinet, try finding smaller spray bottles or containers at your local department or drug store (always remember to label them). Hair care products that you don’t use every day can be stored alongside blow dryers, round brushes, curling irons and straighteners.

If you have a spot to hang your blow dryers and other electrical tools, do so, as this will ensure the cable isn’t damaged by continual wrapping and unwrapping. I’ve used the same Command brand hooks for my closet, and in several places in my bathroom, including for hanging my blow dryer. Just make sure that the hook can handle the weight of the hair dryer before installing.

Organizing for Your Lifestyle: Bathroom Organization | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota


3. Weekly use

These items could include things like exfoliators, special perfumed lotions, and conditioning hair masks. Because you only use these products on a weekly basis, they do not need to be as immediately accessible as your everyday items.

4. Spare products

Being organized means having a back-up product ready so that you don’t have to run to the pharmacy at 11 pm, or, worse, wait frantically by the door for the pharmacy to open in the morning before you go to work. This doesn’t mean that you have to go to Costco and buy ten deodorants at once. I would actually discourage from buying in bulk to save a few dollars, as this often leads to having too much stuff, and products could even expire before you get to use them. But having one backup for each of your key items will save you time and stress. When you replace one item, simply buy a spare at the same time.

Unfortunately, there are some cosmetic products where it doesn’t really make sense to buy two at a time. Stuff like mascara, for instance, can dry out even if you don’t open it, so it doesn’t make much sense to have extras sitting on your shelf. But most of your everyday items are going to be things that you go through pretty quickly, so a single spare shouldn’t be in too much danger of expiring.

Organizing for Your Lifestyle: Bathroom Organization | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota


5. Makeup

How you store your makeup very much depends on your lifestyle. First of all, do you ever need to take makeup with you? For instance, do you travel a lot, or go to the gym and need to get ready for work or dinner afterwards? Do you carry makeup with you for parties and events? If you take your makeup with you anywhere, then you should definitely store it in a makeup case. This is really the only way to both travel with makeup and stay organized, short of buying double of everything so that you can leave one set at home and keep another in your purse, gym bag or travel bag. A second set of products can work for some people.

CEO of Crystal Cruises, Edie Rodriguez said in an interview with Conde Naste Traveler that her packing secret is to always keep a duplicate set of makeup in a travel bag; that way, she doesn’t have to think about bringing it. I only keep one makeup bag; it’s by Marc Jacobs, and it fully opens to make sure I can see all the contents properly.

Store By Category

Once you’ve sorted out your sections, evaluate the space you have, and get creative. New modern bathrooms such as mine tend to have very limited storage space. I only have a medicine cabinet, and no other shelving. On the upside, this forces me to minimize my products as much as possible, and also to create unique storage ideas. I store my everyday items in the medicine cabinet. Then I have a leather box where I store my makeup and weekly products. Next, find a place to store your spare products. Underneath the sink would be ideal, but if you don’t have this space (or don’t have it to spare), you might store them in a pantry or cabinet.

Sorting your bathroom products based on how often you use them can help you declutter and save time. You’ll be surprised how much more space you have once you get rid of all the products you don’t use or are expired.

Enter to win a copy of Organizing for Your Lifestyle! 

One Tip for Easier (& more Festive!) Hospitality & Entertaining The Cheese and Charcuterie Board

One Tip for Easier (& more Festive!) Hospitality & Entertaining | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota


Welcome to week one of Home*School, a month of home-related education hosted by Mysa Home Styling! This first week is all about one of my very favorite topics… hospitality and entertaining. If you’ve been following my blog or social media for very long, you know that I truly love talking about hospitality and how it can look in our busy lives… so this week of exploring that more with you all is such a treat! Before we dive in, let me invite you to enter to win a mug with a reminder to love each other, and to like the Mysa Facebook page and follow along on Instagram to not miss out on one moment of Home*School.

Today I wanted to share with you one tip to up your entertaining game, and I think it will make hosting feel like so much more of a special occasion, while cutting down on your time in the kitchen!

One Tip for Easier (& more Festive!) Hospitality & Entertaining | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

Enter, the cheese and charcuterie board. These bad boys can take a spontaneous gathering from everyday to unforgettable, and they don’t take much at all to master! I’ll often throw together a cheese board from things I already have in the fridge, like the one pictured above that served as lunch on Labor Day.

So without further ado, here are some of the key ingredients to a great cheese or charcuterie board!


  • A cutting board, tray, or platter
  • Serving utensils
  • Small bowls and plates
Shop Tools

Cheese & Meats

You’ll want both hard and soft cheeses, as well as mild and bold flavors. If you want your board to be a charcuterie board (rather than just a cheese board), you’ll want to add some meat options. Some great meats for this are salami, smoked salmon, prosciutto, and other cured meats.


You’ll want to include an assortment of accompaniments, such as:

  • Jam, Honey, Dips, Hummus
  • Fruit, Veggies, Olives
  • Nuts, Chocolate
  • Crackers, Bread, Chips

One Tip for Easier (& more Festive!) Hospitality & Entertaining | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota


One things to keep in mind as you build your board is to have a variety of texture, color, height, and flavors (sweet, spicy, savory). This helps keep things interesting, and ensures that you’re probably hitting all the food groups. Above all, be creative, have fun with it, and don’t stress out!

And that’s it! feel free to arrange your board however suits your fancy, and prepare to awe guests with your magical hostessing powers! We’ll keep it between us that it’s really not that tricky, k? 😉

Stewarding Your Home Being Faithful in Caring for Your Home & Sharing it With Others

Stewarding Your Home | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

I was recently listening to a podcast about physical fitness and wellness (if you know me well you may be laughing at that), and something that really stuck out to me was that we are simply called to steward the body that God has given us.

And it got me to thinking about how we are simply called to steward the home that God has given us. We aren’t called to perfection in our homes. We don’t have to have a house that’s a certain size, type, style, age, or location, just like we don’t have to have a body that’s any of those things.

God simply asks us to steward well what he’s given us.

To steward is to look after, to supervise, manage, and keep order. It’s to help something reach its potential, to maximize the function or beauty.

Our job when it comes to our homes is to be faithful in caring for them and sharing them with others.

But you may be wondering what this kind of faithfulness actually looks like played out in real life. Below I have four suggestions.

Stewarding Your Home | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

Practical Ways to Steward Your Home

1. Practice hospitality

I think that one of the highest callings of stewardship is to share our homes with others. Practicing hospitality can take many different forms… here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Invite a new family at church over for lunch on a Sunday
  • Host a backyard BBQ with your neighbors
  • Have a friend over for coffee and really listen
  • Invite a co-worker over for dinner
  • Host a play date
2. Keep things tidy

Now, don’t get me wrong… you can (and should) be hospitable, even if your home isn’t tidy. However, just like eating healthy and moving our bodies is part of stewarding them well, cleaning the toilet and emptying the dishwasher is part of stewarding our homes well. This doesn’t mean there isn’t grace for exceptionally busy seasons, or that your counters and floors must always be sparkling, but keeping things generally tidy can go a long way in the stewardship of your home.

3. Make it cozy

Creating spaces in your home that are cozy, beautiful, and reflect the style of your family well is part of stewarding the gift that you’ve been given in your home. You want those who spend time in your home to feel comfortable, and how the space is designed is definitely part of that!

4. Cultivate contentment

My last tip for stewarding your home well has less to do with what your home looks like, and more to do with your attitude. The way you speak and act at home has the power to cultivate negative or positive things in your family… so why not make it positive? Practice contentment and joy when it comes to your home, and you’ll find that your home becomes a place of contentment and joy to all who enter.

Stewarding Your Home | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

If you want to learn more about how to take these steps in your home, then I hope you’ll join me in the month of September as I explore these four areas of home-making! I’ll be putting on four weeks of home-related education through what I’m calling Home*School. Each week will have its own unique theme with corresponding blogposts, recommended resources, a free PDF download, and a giveaway! If you want to stay up-to-date with all this fun, make sure you’ve liked the Mysa Home Styling Facebook Page and follow Mysa on Instagram! 

Beautifully Designed Dishes A Case for Open Shelving & What to Fill Them With

Beautifully Designed Dishes | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

Upon seeing my kitchen, many people will exclaim that they love my open shelving, but that they could never have it in their kitchen. They say that they have too much tupperware or that their dishes just aren’t display-worthy. While I totally feel ya’ on the tupperware (that’s what my drawers are for!), I am a firm believer in your everyday dishes being pretty enough to display.

But just because they’re pretty does not mean that they have to be expensive or precious! My white plates and bowls are from Target, and most of my other stuff is a mish mash from Ikea, Walmart (Pioneer Woman dishes are gorgeous!), and thrift shops.

But just in case you need some inspiration on where to find well-designed dishes, I’ve done a round-up for you below!

And if you like this post, make sure and check out when I blogged about beautifully designed children’s toys!

Shop Beautifully Designed Dishes

(WAY) Throw-Back Thursday: Our Home in the 70’s See the Before & After 40 Years Later!

(WAY) Throw-Back Thursday: Our Home in the 70's | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

Last September we bought our 1960’s rambler from the original owners’ son, who also happens to be our next-door neighbor. It’s been so fun to live next to people who love and know our house! As we’ve been working on projects we’ve texted them with questions about why things are a certain way or how they were originally. We’ve also enjoyed getting to show them the updates we make to the house. It really is a joy!

One day when we were over at their house, they presented us with some real treasures… photos of our home from 1978! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the green shag carpeting, the floral green drapes, and all the old-school furniture (including an organ!).

So today I thought it would be fun to show you a little before and after… with 40 years in between!

The Living Room

(WAY) Throw-Back Thursday: Our Home in the 70's | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota(WAY) Throw-Back Thursday: Our Home in the 70's | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

Things have changed a bit around here, haven’t they? If you are interested in seeing some of the progress, here’s what our living room looked like when we closed on the house, here’s how it looked like shortly after we moved in, and here’s how it looked after we finished our basement and did a little redesign.

The Dining Room

(WAY) Throw-Back Thursday: Our Home in the 70's | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota(WAY) Throw-Back Thursday: Our Home in the 70's | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

Both the wood panelling and the old chandelier made it to 2016, before we had something to say about them! 😉 Before moving in we painted and hung a new fixture, as you can see here (we’ve since swapped out the fixture for something less spotlight-y).

I am so glad to have these photos—these memories of a time come and gone in this precious first home of ours!

Interior Inspiration: Tassels & Pom Poms Add texture, color, and spunk with these fun accessories!

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Remember back in the 90’s when tassels and pom poms were all that and a bag of chips?? Well, you can now relive your adolescence because they’re totally back in! I am very into this trend (I’m sitting on our pom pom bed cover as I write this!), and it’s a relatively easy one to mix into your home.

Playing around with the tassel and pom pom trend in your home is practically risk-free since you’re not having to paint a room, purchase a large piece of furniture, tear out a wall, etc. to do so. All you need to do is purchase a few accessories to get this boho-cozy look!

Tassels and pom poms look great on textiles such as pillows, throws, towels, and curtains. They can also add character to a basket or lamp, and look great as wall hangings or garlands. They’ll be sure to add texture to any space, and are an easy way to add color or tie together a color scheme.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tassel and pom pom accessories below… simply click to shop!

Get the look:

5 Resources for Your Heart Tools God has used to encourage & edify my heart

5 Resources for Your Heart | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

Every once in awhile on here I like to share things that don’t have to do with homes or design, but that I think would still be beneficial/entertaining/interesting to you. Today is one of those times! Over the past month or so I have been introduced to some new resources and tools that have helped me grow in my walk with Christ, as well as take action to design more of the life I’ve always desired. Take a look!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5


Journeywomen Podcast

This podcast has been the biggest push for me to seek the Lord more heartily this past month. The topics are always so encouraging and insightful, but more than that, it has been so good for me to hear women talk about their walk with Christ! My favorite episode to-date is this past week’s on decorating and the gospel (I know… right?!).


Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin

My view of the Bible has completely changed because of this book! Jen discusses some common misconceptions about reading and studying the Bible, then walks you through basic Bible Study methods and ideas…. and she does so with grace. This is a must-read if you are someone who reads the Bible!


Stabilo Pens

Ok, so Stabilo pens definitely aren’t a new thing to me, as I’ve had my set for years now, but I just recently got them back out to use on a daily basis. These pens are perfect for the inductive Bible Study method (more on that in Women of the Word above and Risen Motherhood below), as well as for Powersheets (below). If you’re looking for colorful, long-lasting pens, these puppies will be your best friend!



I wrote about my love for Powersheets and how they’re helping me cultivate what matters in this post. After one month of use, I can say that they’ve really worked for me, and I’m looking forward to another intentional month! Powersheets has kept me accountable to be in the Word and prayer more faithfully than I ever have over the past five years… if that alone isn’t a testament to their system, I don’t know what is!


Risen Motherhood Podcast & Bible Study Resources

I was introduced to this site/podcast by a friends a couple months ago, and even if you’re like me and not a mother, they offer tons of great resources and encouragement! I’ve listened to a few of their episodes on marriage, comparison, etc, and have loved them! They also have free Bible Study resources that I’m using, as well as lots of tools for how to do the Inductive Bible Study Method… so check that out if you’re interested!


I hope you find some of these resources helpful to your own walk with Christ, or just an encouragement to your heart. I’d love to hear some of the things that have been instrumental in your growth recently! Drop a comment here or on Facebook to let me know!

On Home Envy When Your Budget or Living Situation Isn't What You've Hoped For

On Home Envy | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

There’s a feeling that I sometimes get when scrolling past the perfectly styled homes on Pinterest or Instagram, or when I visit a friend’s new house, or when I stumble across a stunning design blog. I’m wondering if you know this feeling—a gnawing in your gut, a longing for what you can’t have, a twinge of jealousy—home envy. 

It can be easy to wish that we had a different home, more money in our bank account for trendy decor, or simply the time and energy to create a home that reflects and serves our family well.

We can find ourselves wishing that our circumstances were different, when what we should be doing is checking out heart, mind, and motives.

On Home Envy | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

Home envy can be a real struggle, and I don’t think I’m alone in feeling it from time-to-time. So what are some ways we can fight home envy?

1. Take Intentional Breaks from Social Media

Something that I started doing in July that has been incredibly helpful in curbing home envy is to have one social media free day a week. I know some people do social media free weekends, while others take more extended breaks. Do what works for you!

I’ve chosen Sundays to take my break… so on Saturday night I move my Instagram app from front and center on my phone to its own page so I’m not tempted to scroll without thinking. I also removed Facebook from my phone a couple months ago, which has helped me be less attached to social media and my phone in general.

Removing myself from the world of social media, even for a day, helps me refocus on being present and enjoying what’s right in front of me.

2. Be Grateful for What You Have

When I’m tempted to envy what others have or how beautiful their homes are, I try to remind myself how incredibly privileged I am and that many people don’t even have a home to compare to others’.

I talk to God about it, thanking Him for all the wonderful things He’s placed in my life, and try to move my focus from material things to things of more importance.

Keeping a gratitude journal, remembering to voice thanksgiving in your prayers, or sharing what you’re thankful for with a friend or family member are all great ways to practice gratefulness and fight envy.

3. Take a Reality Check

Another powerful weapon in fighting off envy is a reality check. When I’m tempted to despair about how my home looks like compared to the ones I see on Instagram, I try to remind myself of the reality of the situation. Often things are staged and not what they seem behind-the-scenes.

I also think about the difference in budget, time, and years of experience when I compare myself to other professional designers. My budget is where it’s at, I only have so much time leftover after my day job, and I’m only 27 years old!

This reminder of reality can be so helpful for me as I compare my home to other homes I see. Obviously, my main goal is to get to a point where I’m not comparing at all, but when I do find myself in the comparison game, I find that a quick reality check helps to put things into perspective.

Bonus: Bring in Some Help

If you still find yourself suffering from bouts of home envy, but you have the means (but perhaps not the time or skills) to fix it, by all means, do! I would love to serve you by helping you create a functional and cozy home that cultivates contentment and joy! I offer consulting, styling, and full room re-designs… check out my services here, and please contact me to get the conversation rolling on how we can overcome home envy in your life!

My Favorite Home Design Books 3 Books to Inspire You in Your Home

My Favorite Home Design Books | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

Remember the good ol’ days when the main (or only) way to consume information was by reading an actual real live book made of actual real live paper??? Those were the days! (Although, I’m not suggesting you leave this blog in lieu of a book quite yet!)

Now that we have so many other options for ways to learn, be inspired, and get information, there really is something special about holding an actual book in your hands.

So I wanted to share with you three of my favorite home design books. These books have shaped the way I view my home, inspired me in how I decorate it, and educated me on some of the key principles of design. I hope that you consider checking these books out from your library, or purchasing them for your home, and that you love them as much as I do!

The Nesting Place by Myquillin Smith
It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful
My Favorite Home Design Books | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota


The Nesting Place was the first home design book I ever read front to back. I purchased it as a a newly wed living in an old, spider-infested apartment, and it was just the thing I needed to encourage me to make my imperfect space a home. Myquillin Smith tells her story of living in over 13 homes (most of them rentals), and inspires her readers to find beauty in the imperfect. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll pick up more than a few life lessons and decorating tips along the way.


Styled by Emily Henderson
Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves
My Favorite Home Design Books | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota


Styled is my favorite home design book for its decorating advice and styling tips. Emily Henderson is a blogger, interior designer, Target’s resident home stylist, and one of my biggest inspirations. This book is filled with all kinds of goodies, including a quiz you can take to find your style, style secrets for every room, and tricks for everything from choosing paint colors to where to shop. If you’re looking for a practical (and gorgeous) handbook for styling your home, look no further!


Domino by Editors of Domino
Your Guide to a Stylish Home
My Favorite Home Design Books | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota


Domino has long been an expert on all things home, and their second book doesn’t disappoint! This book walks you through every aspect of a home—from seating, walls, and art, to flooring, shelves, and lighting—and provides inspiration, teaches skills, outlines how to get the look, and more! This guide to creating a stylish home is packed with all sorts of handy information and I find myself referring to it often.


Pin it for later!

My Favorite Home Design Books | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota


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