“I will most gladly spend and be spent for your souls.” Who knew the apostle Paul was such a poet?! This line (from 2 Corinthians) makes me shiver with its importance. If we aren’t living our life in the pursuit of God and in spending it for those He’s put around us, then what are we really doing?
I love having this reminder in my home right now, because although I can spend my life for others at work or the grocery store, most of it comes down to how I’m spending my time at home. Most of it comes down to who I’m willing to invite over, how often I’m willing to inconvenience myself, how much I hold onto comfort. So when I’m feeling a little selfish, and like making this home God has given us into a haven or refuge just for us, I see this line and think “Yes. That is what is important. I want to be spent.” #mycultivatedhome #douglasdigs #letterfolkquotes #letterboard

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