There are two common dilemmas that I constantly hear from homeowners when it comes to decorating their home. They either don’t know what their style is, or they love many different styles and don’t know how to blend them without their home looking crazy! Do you fall into either of these two camps?

If so, then my handbook for how to discover your style and create a cohesive home is for you! This is your manual for figuring out what your style is, how to blend styles seamlessly, and how to effortlessly incorporate that style into every room of your home.

I walk you through the five steps to discovering your style so that at the end of the process you know your personal style to a tee, and even have a name for it. Knowing your style will help you make purchasing decisions, guide you as you paint, arrange, and decorate, and will ultimately save you loads of money, time, and headaches.

And the best news!? I just lowered the price of this 30-page guidebook, so why not grab your copy and treat yourself to some coffee with the money you save while you begin to work through it? The link is in my bio! #howtodiscoveryourstyle #guidebook #decoratingstyle

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