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Now that we’re a couple days into the new year, I’m sure many of us have thought through some resolutions or goals. But have you thought about any resolutions for your home? Here are five to get you started.

1. Choose Gratitude

Gratitude makes what we have enough. When we choose to have an attitude of thanksgiving for our home, we will be able to appreciate what we have. Choosing gratitude for your home is as simple as creating a list of all the things you are grateful for, sharing what  your love about your home with others, or thanking God for the home He has given you.

2. Fill your home with things you love

There’s a time and place for trends, but ultimately, your home should be filled with things that you love. Filling your home with little things that make you happy, such as photos, special memories, and mementos will help you create a life-giving home.

3. Fill your home with people you love

Practicing hospitality will make you fall more in love with your home, because it will be filled with people you love. When you gather friends and family in your home, even if it isn’t the “perfect” space, you will see it through new eyes. It will become a space where lives are shared and love is felt, and what’s more life-giving than that?

4. Make your home Christ-centered

When you commit to having a Christ-centered home, your home will instantly take on more meaning than a simple dwelling place for your family.

5. Show your home some love

Whether that means organizing your home, coming up with a cleaning/tidying schedule, creating a home manifesto, repairing something that’s broken, discovering your style, or calling in a professional to help you decorate a space, your home will feel much more life-giving if you give it some life!

What are your home resolutions for the new year? Share them below!

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