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With Thanksgiving being TOMORROW (yayyy turkey day!), Christmas is right around the corner! And although there are those of us who love the challenge of coming up with gift ideas for all our friends and family, there are others of us whose hands get sweaty just thinking about it. This post is for the latter group.

I happen to be in the group who gets giddy about present-giving, so I wanted to share with you five unique ideas for Christmas gifts this year. Some of them are more conventional than others, but they’re all thoughtful and would work well for different people on your list.

Give Homemade

There are tons of awesome DIYs out there that range from super basic-beginner to expert crafter. Why not choose one that suits your level of expertise and give some homemade gifts this year? I love these 13 ideas for hand printing… most of them are right around my DIY level—low skill, low patience! 😉

5 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

Give Education

For the constant learner and discover-er in your life, why not get them the gift of education? Whether it’s a class from Groupon, a subscription to a magazine that interests them or a how-to book (may I suggest How to Discover Your Style & Create a Cohesive Home*?), they will thank you for helping them learn and grow. (*My guidebook is 25% today through next Monday for Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday, so grab your copy now for just $8.95!)

Give Cozy Home Goods

Cozy home goods may not be exactly the most unique gift idea, but they’ll definitely be a winner! Whether the recipient is cuddled under a throw, making a pot of soup in the kitchen, or smelling a candle, they will certainly think of you with fondness as they get to enjoy their practical (and beautiful!) gift!

Shop Cozy Home Goods:

Give Experiences

Giving experiences is a great way to fight consumerism and clutter while making memories instead! The experience could be tickets to a concert, museum or zoo, a coupon for a meal or date with you, enjoying an activity together (like a shopping trip or puzzle room, or gifting a service. Consider purchasing an hour or two of consulting or home styling for your wife, mother, sister, or friend this holiday season! I had multiple people purchase my services last year, and their recipients really appreciated their gifts! Check out what one wife said about her Christmas present:

“Heather from Mysa Home Styling was so fun to work with in my home! My husband took advantage of a promotion she did over the holiday season and bought me a styling package. I loved receiving it– home styling with Mysa is like a spa day for your home! 🙂 Heather came in and helped me put up and rearrange decor in our new house and involved me and my style in the process. She was very flexible and modified her service to fit my wants and needs. I would gladly recommend her to anyone, of any budget, who wants help making their home comfortable, beautiful, and welcoming!”—Laura

Keep your eyes peeled for a few Christmas deals I’ll be rolling out around the first week of December! I’ll be giving a discount on some of my consulting and styling services, as well as introducing a brand new service perfect for gifting for the holidays!

5 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

Give Words

If you’ve decided not to exchange gifts with monetary value this year, then giving your words this Christmas season may be the way to go. Write a letter sharing how you feel about someone, what you appreciate about them, and how you see them growing and succeeding. Or create a piece of art or a homemade card that shares your sentiments. Words can carry a lot of weight and power, and will last longer than any material gift.

How do you plan to give this Holiday season?

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