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Remember back in the 90’s when tassels and pom poms were all that and a bag of chips?? Well, you can now relive your adolescence because they’re totally back in! I am very into this trend (I’m sitting on our pom pom bed cover as I write this!), and it’s a relatively easy one to mix into your home.

Playing around with the tassel and pom pom trend in your home is practically risk-free since you’re not having to paint a room, purchase a large piece of furniture, tear out a wall, etc. to do so. All you need to do is purchase a few accessories to get this boho-cozy look!

Tassels and pom poms look great on textiles such as pillows, throws, towels, and curtains. They can also add character to a basket or lamp, and look great as wall hangings or garlands. They’ll be sure to add texture to any space, and are an easy way to add color or tie together a color scheme.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tassel and pom pom accessories below… simply click to shop!

Get the look:

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