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Spring is here, and since taking down our Christmas wreath, our front door has felt a little bare and lonely. And I figured that some of you might be having that same problem, so I decided to go on the hunt for a pretty Spring wreath!

There are some great ones out there! I think my favorites are when they’re asymmetrical (see #3 and 8 below), or when they’re mostly greenery. After searching the internet for wreaths to purchase, I realized that you could probably make your own wreath pretty easily (and inexpensively) by purchasing a grape vine wreath and then using a hot glue gun to adhere embellishments from the floral section of a craft store.

So I may end up doing that (we’ll see how ambitious I’m feeling), but if you aren’t the crafty type, here are nine beautiful wreaths, all for under $50!

Shop Spring Wreaths:

Have you ever made your own wreath? Or do you have a Spring wreath that you just LOVE?

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