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Having goals is important so you know what direction you’re going in. And having goals for your home is no different. I’ve come up with 3 goals for my home to help guide my husband and I as we steward this gift God has given us.

Welcome Without Reservations

I want our home to be a place where everyone feels welcome. If my home is to be a hospitable place, then I must be willing to welcome in the stranger, the outcast, and the difficult-to-love. Only accepting friends and family is no different than what everyone does. But to welcome in those who you don’t know or relate to—that’s true hospitality.

What does this look like practically? Opening my doors wide to anyone who would want to come in. Caring less about my things (i.e. joyfully inviting the person who hasn’t showered in a week or two to sit on my couch). Offering up my home for people to stay for longer than just a visit.

Love Inefficiently

By nature, I am a very efficient person. I love checking things off a list and doing things quickly and logically. But oftentimes, this can get in the way of me really loving people. I can put tasks in front of relationships and completely miss out on opportunities to show love. So I want my home to be a place that I love inefficiently. That I go out of my way to show people their value and worth. That I lay aside my desire for efficiency to slow down enough to really see people.

Practically, this means that I don’t care if everything isn’t perfect before people come over. It means that I stop working on things when people are over and really focus on them. It means that I go out of my way to go pick someone up to bring them over to our house.

Serve Beyond Comfort

I want to deem others in my home as more important than myself—whether it’s my husband, future children, or guests. I want to go outside of my comfort zone to serve them. My home shouldn’t simply be my haven or refuge. I don’t want to use it to be comfortable and hide from the outside world. No, I desire for my home to be a place that God uses for His purposes.

Serving beyond comfort looks like staying up later than I would like, doing chores that aren’t my favorite, picking up messes that aren’t mine, and hosting even when I don’t feel like it sometimes. It looks like putting down the remote for a face-to-face conversation, cooking someone else’s favorite meal, and sharing what’s “mine.”

What are some goals that you have for your home?

2 Comments on 3 Goals for My Home Practicing True Hospitality

  1. Emily Bodensteiner
    March 29, 2017 at 6:23 pm (9 months ago)

    Love this!! I also loved your article on “radical hospitality,” and I hope to use your works to inspire some goals for my own home! Lots of love!

    • Heather
      March 29, 2017 at 7:48 pm (9 months ago)

      Thanks, Emily! I’m so glad that these posts have been encouraging to you! As much as I love to write the more design-oriented posts, these heart-oriented ones are definitely my favorite.


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