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Happy Monday, friends! And happy first day of Spring! There’s hope that winter is coming to an end soon and we’ll be able to leave the house without 17 layers of clothing. Yippee! 🙂 Today I’m sharing the next Volume in my “Currently” series (click here to see Vol 1). This is basically a way for you as the reader to get to know the voice behind this blog and business a bit better! I would love to hear what you are anticipating, or any book, music, or TV recommendations you have… leave them in the comments!


Seeing the new Beauty and the Beast! It was my favorite Disney princess movie growing up, and Emma Watson is basically a genius in anything she’s in. I’m ready for the magic, but it might be awhile until we see it. Brian and I usually only go to movies on Tuesdays at Marcus theaters when they have $5 movies and free popcorn. After finding such a great deal (and comfy seating!), it’s hard to pay over $10 for a movie now!

Listening to

Without Words: Synesthesia by Bethel Music. This is far and away my favorite background music at the moment (it’s playing as I type!). It’s soothing, varied, and worshipful if you’re familiar with the original songs.

Decorating with

Things I already own! I’ve been doing lots of switching around this past month, figuring out the best places for things and discovering new ways to use what I have. It’s so much fun to “shop the house” when you’re feeling bored with a space but don’t want to spend money. Especially if you’re like me and already have plenty of “things.” 😉


We’re re-watching Parks & Rec and laughing out loud on a regular basis. The characters are so lovable and their shenanigans never get old! And, for the sake of being open and honest with you all here on the blog, I should probably tell you about my majorly embarrassing guilty pleasure of watching America’s Next Top Model. Recently when Brian’s out of town for work it’s been my go-to, and not gonna lie, I love the fashion, the beauty, Tyra Banks’ weirdness, and the drama. It’s all so good.

Working on

My new guidebook, How to Discover Your Style & Create a Cohesive Home. It’s currently available for pre-order until March 27 (all pre-orders come with a free guide to Styling the Perfect Vignette). You can pre-order here!

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