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“What’s your biggest frustration or challenge when it comes to decorating your home?”

When I asked this question in my survey, many of you responded that you either A) don’t know what your style is or B) really like multiple styles and have a hard time blending them in your home. This is a real difficulty when it comes to creating a home you love!

And again, when I polled you about what kind of resource you’d like to see me create, a guide on discovering your style and creating a cohesive home won by leaps and bounds.┬áSo I’m listening, and am creating a guidebook on finding your style and creating a unified home.

I’ll be sharing my 5-step process to discovering your style, as well as how to blend multiple styles, creating your home’s color story, bringing your style into every room of the house, and decorating on a budget. (By the way, budget was probably tied as your biggest frustration or challenge, so kill two birds with one stone with this handbook!)

You can pre-order your copy for just $11.95 until March 6. After that, the regular price will be $14.95, so hurry on over to grab your discounted copy!

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