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I want this blog to be a place where we know each other—where you really get a good, true picture of who I am, and where I can get to know you! And a good way to get to know each other is to just share those everyday moments—the things we’re reading, anticipating, thinking about. So I’m going to start a super casual “Currently” on the blog, where I share things that are happening currently. And pretty please share in the comments some things that are current for you! One sided conversations are no fun. 🙂 Plus, I’m a HUGE fan of recommendations, and it’s fun to see what other people are currently digging!


Our trip to Italy this spring! I’ve gone in and out of planning mode, and currently I’m “out,” but boy when I’m “in” I can hardly contain my excitement! Comment with any must eats, sees, visits!

Listening to

Love & War & The Sea In Between by Josh Garrels. You guys, if you haven’t ever listened to Josh Garrels, you should. It’s the chillest music ever, and he has such good lyrics.

Decorating with

My new Craigslist oriental rug. I just got it into the living room this morning and can’t wait to show you guys! It makes it so much more cozy in here, PLUS no more carpet bunching!!! (Our previous rug would bunch up all the time since it was super thin and didn’t have any backing.)


We’re re-watching The Office for the third time now. It was mostly accidental since we were in a temporary show hole, and we kind of started in the middle, but we’re hooked now and there’s no going back!

Thinking about

All the political stuff. Who isn’t? Next week our small group is meeting with Arrive Ministries to talk about hosting a refugee family… welcoming them, helping them get set-up in their home, and being intentionally friends with them for a year (and beyond). We set up the meeting before all this craziness, so I’m not sure what will happen now.


Ordinary: How to Turn the World Upside Down by Tony Merida. This is SUCH a good book so far! I’m only a chapter in, but there was a preface and an intro, so it’s kinda like I’m three chapters in. 🙂 This book has chapter titles like “Neighbor Love,” “Kingdom Hospitality,” and “Courageous Advocacy,” so you know it’s going to be good. It’s the perfect book to read as I’m thinking about the current social and political climate.

Working on

A surprise for all my newsletter besties! If you want to be in on it, make sure and subscribe! (It’s gonna be good… you’re not going to want to miss out!)


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