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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, friends! Can you believe that 2016 is almost over? I feel like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating the ball dropping! This year has held some fun memories for us… and some pretty big changes! Here are five highlights from the year.

1. Anti-Trafficking trip to Thailand & Cambodia

In February we went to Thailand and Cambodia for 2 weeks with a couple other people from our church to learn more about sex trafficking and meet with anti-trafficking ministries there. This was an eye-opening trip, and it was amazing to see God at work in such dark places. This trip marked our first time to travel internationally together and we even got to spend the last fews days at a resort relaxing and decompressing! If you want to read more about our time there, you can click here.

2. Long Weekend in Chicago

In May we spent a few days in Chicago… a place that was on our travel wish-list. We explored restaurants, shops, and famous sights, as well as completely wore out our feet! (I’m packing tennies next time!) If you plan to visit Chicago, Eataly and Nando’s Peri Peri are musts in our book!

3. Launching Mysa Home Styling

Shortly after our trip to Chicago, I launched Mysa Home Styling on May 23! This was a HUGE step for me, and really for both of us as a couple. I wouldn’t ever have started this small business if it wasn’t for Brian being so encouraging and supportive! The past 7 months have been filled with lots of growth and learning, some really fun styling projects, a little bit of self-doubt, and a whole lotta truth-telling. Small business ownership is quite the rollercoaster! ūüėČ To follow¬†along, like the Mysa Facebook page and follow Mysa on Instagram.¬†(And if you’re¬†really dedicated,¬†sign up¬†for the weekly emails!)

4. Buying a House

In July we unexpectedly bought a house!¬†We moved in late September (for the third September in a row!) and the last couple months of homeownership have been quite the journey (you can read about our first month here)! We love getting to change things and make them more “us” (for example, our kitchen), and are excited for more home projects to come!

5. A Week in Seattle Celebrating 2 Years of Marriage

In early September we visited some good friends and spent a week exploring Seattle‚ÄĒone more place to cross off our bucket list! We used this trip as a way to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary. The week was filled with a couple of cute Airbnbs, delicious food, catching up with dear ones, and exploring lots of thrift shops! A highlight from the trip was a big hike that led to the overlook pictured above. It was hard work, but so worth it!

Yes, 2016 was a pretty splendid year for us. We got to see new places, experience new cultures, learn, grow, celebrate… and best of all? We got to do it together!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a 2017 that is filled with lots of joy for you and your family!

Love, Team Douglas

Christmas Letter | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

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