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As I did a quick scroll through my home board on Pinterest, I started to see a theme emerging from the images I’ve pinned recently… there are definitely some strong Southwest vibes going on! From patterns to plant life, textiles to colors, I’ve definitely been digging aspects of the Southwestern style lately. There are obviously some other styles thrown into the mix, but then again, when have I ever been one to choose just one style?!

So what’s so appealing about the Southwestern style? To me, it’s the beautiful mix of natural tones and bright colors, the rich variety of textures, the fun geometric patterns, and the combination of so many great materials, from leather and wool, to ceramics and natural woods. What’s not to love? But I think my very favorite thing about the Southwestern style is that there seems to be a very mix-n-match quality about it. The more patterns and textures, the better!

What about you? Are you a fan of the Southwestern style, or is it not for you?

Get the look:

Throwback Thursday: Some of you may or may not know that before starting this little home styling business of mine I had a personal blog where I blogged about all sorts of things, including home stuff. Every so often, I go back into the vault and take some of my home posts from that blog and post them here for all my Mysa readers. These are some of the best from my years of blogging there and I hope they inspire you as you make your home cozier!

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