Happy Monday! We’ve now been moved into our new home (the #douglasdigs) for a week, and are feeling very at home. Yesterday we did our last big hurrah by finishing the painting (yay! I never want to see a paintbrush again!), clearing out our garage (yay for parking in the garage!), and hanging up most of our window treatments (yay for not living in a fish bowl!). So now, it’s mainly just little updates and fixes here and there, along with quite a few boxes that still need unpacking.

Today I wanted to share with you some before photos of the kitchen and dining area. I was going to edit them and make everything all presentable, but then I figured, “Hey! They’re before pictures! They aren’t supposed to be presentable!” Plus, that way when you see the after photos it will be more dramatic. 😉

So, above is the view of the kitchen from the back patio door. It’s definitely very ’60’s and something we’d like to update at some point down the road, but for now we made some minor-seeming changes that actually made a pretty big impact.


This is the kitchen nook. We’d really love to put some bench seating in here with a little table… just enough for 2–4 people, since our dining table is huge and feels a little weird to sit at by yourself for breakfast. I love that we have two designated spaces for eating! That was actually a pretty big selling point for us. We looked at so many homes that didn’t have any separate dining space, which is kind of a deal-breaker since we have an 8-foot table that we enjoy filling with guests!

img_1037 img_1038


And here’s the kitchen from the other side… the kitchen nook is back there at the other end. This photo is taken standing in the dining room. This view is SO different now and I can’t wait to show it to you!


And here’s the dining room! Look at all that lovely wood paneling! 😉 And PLEASE notice that sparkly popcorn ceiling! Take a good long look because you won’t be seeing it anymore after this post! This room really got the overhaul during our quick 3 day renovations before moving in and now looks so much brighter and modern. There are built-in shelves and drawers on one wall that are great (and have also gotten a bit of a face-lift), and the best part? Our 8-foot table fits perfectly!



And lastly, here’s a view of the dining room from the front entrance. You can see a little peek of our living room… which will be up next! I hope to show you after photos of these spaces in the next month or so… we’ve done so much but have a few more things to do before the big reveal. In the meantime I’m sharing lots of photos on Instagram, so you can get some glimpses of the new spaces there!


We are so in love with this house! My dad asked yesterday what our favorite part was and we said everything! We really do love how it has all come together and I can’t wait to show you photos that are brought into the present a bit. 🙂 Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, and have a wonderful, productive Monday. Thanks for stopping by!

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