As we’re settling into our new home, one of the things that I’ve had more fun with than I thought I would is the lighting! When you’re renting a place, I suppose you technically can change the lighting… you just have to make sure to change it back when you leave. However, we only stayed in both our rentals for a year each, which didn’t really seem to warrant the time, money, and energy that changing lighting requires. (Not that it’s too difficult or expensive, but I can also be a bit of a lazy decorator at times.) So when we knew we’d be living in this house for much longer than a year (hopefully!), it was time to change that lighting! We’ve already changed out 5 of our over-head lights, and I have plans to change out pretty much all the existing old ones at some point in the future. Seeing that the house was built in the ’60’s and has pretty much all it’s original lighting, it was time for an upgrade.



So today I wanted to talk pendant lighting. Who doesn’t love some good pendant lighting?? There are so many fun shapes, sizes, and colors, and pendant lights aren’t just for above your dining table anymore! You can use pendant lights as bedside reading lamps, in the corner of your living room, to light your hallway, or over your kitchen island. Pendant lights add character to your home, by displaying your personality in a way that isn’t just decor—it’s also a functional piece that actually feels like it’s a part of your home.



Get the look:

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