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I have been hard-core crushing on houseĀ plants for the past year or so. The life and breath that they bring to a room is unrivaled, plus it’s like a game to see if I can keep them alive. šŸ™‚ Plants can add variety, color, and texture, and they can be fairly affordable and easy to care for. And one dirty little secret of mine? Faux plants. IkeaĀ has some surprisingly good ones, and I always make sure to check at thrift stores. AndĀ don’t even get me started on allĀ the vessels you can house your plantsĀ in! There are plant stands, boho plant hangers, baskets,Ā terrariums, pots,Ā and countless other beautiful and creative ways to display plants in your home. Ā 

1. Go BIG with Plants

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One great way to incorporate plants in your home is to go BIG! Large plants can make quite the impact on a room, and are a great way to really have that “bringing the outdoors in” feel. Whether you sit the plant on the floor in a pot or basket, or have some large leaves (or even some greenery from your yard, season permitting) in a large vase on your table, going big with plants is an eye-catching way to add color and life to any room.

2. Go Small with Plants

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It’s all in the details, and that certainly applies to plants. Having smaller, more “detailed” plants in small spaces can have just as much of an impact as a large plant in a big room. This is where succulents and cacti shine! Adding a little plant to your bathroom counter or having a few small plants scattered around your desk space can be a great way to add a little bit of personality.

3. Embrace Plants in the Kitchen

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I would be remiss if I wrote a post about plants in the home and didn’t touch on plants in the kitchen. I think this might be my favorite spot for plants for multiple reasons. 1) They’re automatically near the sink which makes for easy watering, 2) kitchens often get quite a bit of light, 3) plants play well with other organic kitchen “decor” such as fruit, and 4) being surrounded by plants while you cook is always a good feeling! Try hanging a plant in front of a window, lining up some smaller plants (or herbs!) on a windowsill, or simply displaying a plant on a shelf or counter.

I hope you feel inspired to incorporate more plants into your home! I find it especially inviting during the winter when the outdoors are grey and cold and dead, to have some greenery and plant life in your home. Where are your favorite places to display plants? And are you a fan of going big or small?

P.S. Check out this great article on indoor plant care!

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