Sorry for the radio silence this past week… Loverboy and I spent the week in Seattle. We went partly to visit some good friends, but also partly to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! I’ve always been told that I’d LOVE Seattle, we just needed an excuse to go. So when our friends moved out there 6 months ago, we knew we’d want to visit them soon.

While we stayed with our friends for part of the trip, we also made a point to spend a few days alone, so we decided to book a couple Airbnbs. This is the third time we’ve used Airbnb and we really love the service (and I’m not getting paid to say that!). If you want to live like a local while you’re visiting a new city, Airbnb is the way to go. It gets you right into the hearts of neighborhoods that might not even have a hotel and lets you meet people who live, work, and play in that area. So, if you’re planning an upcoming trip, use this link to book an Airbnb and you’ll get $35 when booking $75 or more!

So today I wanted to show you the first of the two Airbnbs that we stayed in while in Seattle, to give you a glimpse into some really good style and talk through what makes it so good! Our first Airbnb was in Queen Anne, an area near Downtown Seattle. I chose this place because of the boho, yet modern vibes, and, let’s be real, 50% because of that rug!



I love everything that’s going on in the living space of this apartment! The repeating warm colors—red, orange, and pink—really brought a lot of warmth to the space, while the white walls and occasional greens and purples helped keep it modern and balanced. The little touches brought in by plants, flowers, and coasters were too cute, and should never be underestimated (especially in a smaller space)!


The kitchen and eating space were clean and simple, with the bright orange stools bringing in a nice pop of color. The bright orange was repeated throughout the apartment to tie it all together and create a cohesive look. I’m normally not a huge fan of orange, but I can totally get behind how it was used in this space!



The bedroom was serene and calming, with mainly cool colors. The metallic floral wallpaper made for the perfect backdrop to the bed and is definitely a look I’d love to incorporate into our own home. One wall of statement wallpaper doesn’t have to be expensive, or permanent, for that matter.


The private patio was a dream! It had it’s own color story with a deep blue and pops of peach mixed with lots of light green. Such a good combination! I wish it would have been warmer during our stay so we could have enjoyed this space more thoroughly.


I felt so at home at this Airbnb, and hope to incorporate some of the styling principles into our new house. I especially love the intentionality with color, and how although each room had it’s own main colors, they all flowed together so nicely. This space was also an inspiration in the pattern and texture department. I feel like it was packed full of style while staying pretty simple and minimal with decor. It just goes to show that all you need are a few statement pieces to really add some personality!

What do you think? Would you like to stay in this Airbnb? What style elements would you incorporate into your own home? Stay tuned for a tour of the 2nd Airbnb we stayed in… a comfy Craftsman with a mountain view!

Get the look! 

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