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Happy Tuesday! I wanted to share a little behind the scenes of Mysa Home Styling, and today we’re going to start with the basics—the name. How did I come up with it? What does it mean? And how do you even pronounce it, for that matter??

First off, let’s get the pronunciation straight. Mysa is pronounced MEE-sah. Think Jar Jar Binks (I mean really, he says Mysa THREE times in the first 10 seconds of this clip!), rather than “my” as in “my husband loves Star Wars.” Now that I’ve completely given away my nerdiness, let’s move on. 🙂

photo-1443188631128-a1b6b1c5c207Mysa is a Swedish word which means “to cozy up” that I found online after endlessly scouring the thesaurus for words similar to “haven” but less commonly used in home businesses. I knew I needed a name that could stand alone and wouldn’t be confused for something else—something unique that hadn’t been used before. So I started to search for words in other languages, and when I stumbled across Mysa it was too perfect. I love Swedish design, and the connotations of the word were right up my alley and what I envisioned for this business.


Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE to be cozy. The word conjures up candle-lit dinners with family, cuddling on the couch for movie marathons with friends, and curling up in bed with a good book. All some of my favorite things. So it only made sense to name the business that since I hope to help people create homes where those things can take place. I’m passionate about people having homes that are cozy and encourage these types of cozy activities. Thus, Mysa Home Styling was born!

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