Last month I was contacted by Gina, a young professional who needed a facelift for her home office space. She was going to be getting a new desktop computer and wanted a sleek, organized desk to work from. Gina lives in Wisconsin, so she chose the virtual styling “Quick Fix” package. Everything we did was over email and Pinterest, and was completed within a few days.

I had her send me some before photos of the area, along with measurements of the desk and inspiration photos for how she wanted to the space to look. She gave me a budget, and I got to work!

unnamed (4)
A before photo of Gina’s desk

Here are some inspiration photos that Gina sent. As you can see, most of the photos include light colored desks, and since Gina didn’t want to replace her desk we had to work around that, and create a chic space sans white desk.

I spent time pinning products that matched the aesthetic Gina was going for, then she went through and commented on things she really loved and things that weren’t quite her style. From that I created a design plan for her with products only from Target and Ikea for easy (and affordable!) shopping. I provided her with a source list of all the products, as well as the below plan for how to lay things out. Gina would have been able to completely follow the design plan if she would have opted for online shopping (I make sure that all products are available online at the time of the project), but she instead chose to shop in-store and use the Design Plan as a guide.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.01.44 AM

She was able to find and purchase some of the exact Target products suggested, such as the gold horn bookends, mint hanging file folders, and ceramic bowl. She found similar items like the gold pineapple candle, faux succulents, and white wall shelves. So here’s how her desk styling turned out! Much more streamlined and filled with some cute accessories!

unnamedimage2.jpgunnamed (1)

Gina now has a chic space with a bit of glam and a lot of organization! Contact me if you have a similar project in your home that could use a bit of virtual styling!

You can get the look here:
Pineapple Candle, 14.99
Metal Horn Bookend, 15.29
Jansjo Gold Lamp, 12.99
Artificial Potted Succulent, 4.99
Ceramic Cup Pencil Holder, 7.99
Tabletop File, 12.99
Nesting Shelves, 19.99
Ceramic Bowl with Gold Rim, 2.99
Faux Marble Wall Clock, 11.99
Snille Swivel Chair, 19.99


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    • Heather Douglas
      August 17, 2016 at 2:55 pm (1 year ago)

      Thanks, Kendra! It was fun to do some styling via the internet! 🙂


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