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I am completely digging the wallpaper love that’s going on right now. Gone are the stuffy, floral patterns of our grandmother’s times and on the scene instead are bold geometrics, bright tropicals, and soft organic patterns. And I’m in love with them all.

One of the best modern inventions of wallpaper is that they now make temporary, removable wallpaper (and it’s actually pretty affordable!). This is a great option for rentals, commitment-phobes, or the indecisive type (hello!). It’s also a great solution for small spaces where you just want a pop of wallpaper as an accent, like a built-in bookshelf or the end of a hallway.

So for today’s Interior Inspiration I’ve rounded up 6 fabulous designs, in the hopes that you might be inspired to stick some wallpaper somewhere in your home for that extra pop of personality. Which one’s your favorite?

Interior Inspiration is a series where I focus on one trend, design, room, etc. and share my thoughts on it as well as a round-up of sources for your inspiration. To see more posts from this series, click here.  

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