I have a confession. I am obsessed with rugs. This is very good for the cuteness/coziness factor of our home, but could easily be very bad for our wallet. But thankfully, I have found some pretty stinkin’ sweet (and affordable!) rug sources! And when you’ve got a secret like that, you’ve just got to share it, right?

Ikea was the first place that my love for rugs was ignited! I bought a few rugs there back in ’08 for college, and when we got our first (fully wood-floored) apartment, it was the first place I headed to cover our floors. I love the variety, and although the prices vary, there is a good selection of decent sized rugs for under $100.

Rugs USA is like a magical place filled with millions of beautiful rugs that seem a little spendy until you realize that they ALWAYS HAVE HUMONGOUS SALES. Like, 70–80% off! You can usually get the best sales there on holidays, so if you can wait til some random holiday rolls around, you should be good to go! We got our gigantic living room rug there for right around $100 which is insane!

Thrift Stores

Last but not least, thrift stores can be a GREAT place to find rugs on the cheap! I say can be because you really have to be careful when buying rugs from thrift stores. Whenever I find a rug at a thrift store I always make sure to unroll it completely and look carefully for any stains or tears (and then depending on price decide if it’s a good enough deal). And the most important thing is to get down there and take a big ol’ whiff of the rug. Yes, not the most pleasant of things, but it will be better to do it now to catch any pet/smoke/pee/etc smell than to smell it in your house. I recently scored some awesome oriental rugs for $10 and $30 a piece and last year I got a grey and white (pictured above) West Elm runner in perfect condition for $15. So thrift stores can definitely pay off!What are your go-to places to buy rugs?

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