Throwback Thursday: Some of you may or may not know that before starting this little home styling business of mine I had a personal blog where I blogged about all sorts of things, including home stuff. (I still  blog there occasionally and hope that it doesn’t completely die off!) So I’ve decided to go back into the vault and take some of my home posts from that blog and post them here for all my Mysa readers. These are some of the best from my years of blogging there and I hope they inspire you as you make your home cozier. So enjoy this post from November 2015!

Today I wanted to share with you three people who have been inspiring me in my home lately. These books and tv show have really gotten my creative/decorative/organizational juices flowing, and hopefully they’ll do the same for you!


Styled by Emily Henderson
I’ve been following Emily’s blog for awhile now, and when I saw that she was going to write a book I just about died. I pre-ordered the sucker and ran to the door every day to see when it would come. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. I read it from cover to cover, slowly savoring each helpful tip, sassy insight, and beautiful photo. The best way I can describe it is that it is the happiest textbook for your home that you could ever want, teaching you the ins and outs of styling every room in your house from top to bottom. I was so sad when I finished it and I know I’ll be referring to it often. Worth every penny.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
I recently checked this book out at the library, and to give you a glimpse into it’s current popularity, I was #600 on the waiting list! (But there were 200 copies, so I got it pretty quick.) I really enjoyed the practical points of this book and how Marie has many organizing tips, tricks, and rules that are opposite of what so many books and Pinterest articles teach. Her method centers on the idea of our objects sparking joy… and if they don’t, then get rid of them! I found this incredibly helpful as I am known to keep things “just in case” or out of guilt. But with her method I found it easy to get rid of belongings that in reality are just stressing me out. My one qualm with this book is how she personifies objects and asserts that they have feelings and that we should thank them. Gets a little too weird for me, but if you read it for her practical approach and ignore that stuff it’s a very helpful guide.


Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines
This is an HGTV show that’s been around for awhile but just recently was put on Netflix. So I might be a bit behind to the Chip and Joanna bandwagon, but Loverboy and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them taking the worst houses on the block and making them the best. We love watching them interact (they’re a super cute, sassy southern Christian couple… could it get any better?) and seeing how they flip a house is amazing! Plus, Joanna has the best (if not a tad Southern) style. I know that when we have a house of our own someday we’ll be using terms and employing tricks that we’ve learned from this show!

So there you have it. Those are a few of the people that inspire me when it comes to decorating and organizing my own home. What about you? Who do you find inspiring?

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