My husband and I spent a few days in Chicago in the beginning of May, exploring the city and all it had to offer. And one of my favorite stops was (no joke) the Room & Board downtown. It’s three glorious stories of beautiful furniture and room styling. So of course, I got out the trusty Iphone and snapped away (so please excuse the low-quality photos, and just focus on the magic that’s happening in them). And let me tell you, these people are design geniuses. So I thought I’d share with you 6 design hacks to steal from Room & Board…

IMG_52611. Use a bookshelf to make separate spaces in a larger room.
This is a great way to use a bookshelf unexpectedly! If you have a large living space that you’re not sure what to do with, you can break it up into multiple spaces with some bookshelves. Just make sure to pay attention to both sides while you’re styling, and you’ll be golden!

IMG_52662. Use a credenza to store dishes and bar supplies in your dining room for easy access.
I love the casual look of the neutral dishes stacked in this credenza. Entertaining is made easy when there are a couple wine glasses and some wine at the ready!

IMG_52623. Put a bookshelf behind your sofa.
This is a genius way to add color and depth to your space, and also to fill the wall behind your sofa (which can often be a daunting task!). Plus, the books are easy to reach from your favorite cozy reading spot!

IMG_52654. Dark on dark on dark.
Using multiple dark colors creates a dramatic effect in your space. The dark couch against a dark wall with dark lamps makes the room feel both moody and cozy.

IMG_52645. Make a monochromatic, geometric gallery wall.
This gallery wall of black frames is orderly and modern, and is a nice contrast against the otherwise very light room. The black and white photos help it to not get too busy and keeps the look cohesive. This would be a great way to display family photos and is a more organized twist on the gallery walls that have loads of variety in color and style of frames.

IMG_52636. Hang a sconce for your bedside lamp.
Who ever said that your bedside lamp had to sit on your bedside table? Free up some space by hanging a sconce for that bedtime reading. There are so many beautiful sconce options out there, and having a sconce in lieu of a table lamp allows for more bedside decor (or a blank slate, like in the above photo).

I’d highly recommend visiting this Room & Board if you’re ever in Chicago. The inspiration is practically endless! And who knows, maybe you’ll find a few more design hacks to implement in your own home?!

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