When I think about this little business, I get really excited when I think about it growing into something that I can do all the time. You see, right now I have a day job that I have to rush off to in the morning, when all I really want to do is work on growing this baby dream. I’ve found time in the early mornings and evenings and weekends to create, but recently I took a scary/exciting step by dropping a day at my day job, so now I have more time to dream, plan, write, create, style, and make this dream into more of a reality than it already is! ⠀

Success in 2017 for @mysahomestyling would ultimately look like getting to serve more people in their homes, helping them find contentment and joy right where they’re at. And to do that, this extra time that I’ll have to work on my business is crucial. ⠀

What steps are you taking to making your dreams a reality?⠀

#therechargechallenge #dreamsintoreality

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