Is it weird to quote an instagram friend you just made yesterday?? I don’t even care, because this is too good to not share. Stephanie from @dwellinteriors_studio and I had one of those sweet connecting moments that I just love the insta for yesterday (thanks #instatidechallenge!) and then today I love how she answered my question about how to be more regular in the morning routine of being in the Word. She replied that she just sets her alarm earlier than she has to get up and eventually the discipline of it becomes a delight. ⠀

What a lovely thought, and how applicable to practically every area of our lives! Yeah, you might not feel like doing that work-out, or practicing that new skill, or writing that blog post, or eating healthy, or getting up earlier to spend some time with the Lord, but after awhile, the habit is formed, and it’s no longer a duty. Eventually it becomes something that you look forward to, maybe even crave. Eventually, it becomes a delight. ⠀

So what discipline do you want to work on? What thing in your life would you love to see go from duty to delight? I want to make time in the Word in the morning a discipline that I focus on, that will hopefully turn into a delight. (And I know it will! I’ve experienced it in the past!) Share your goal with me and let’s hold each other accountable, sisters!

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