Happy Friday, friends! I’m Heather, and that hunk of burning love next to me is my husband, Brian. We recently bought our first house (the #douglasdigs) and are having a blast making it our own (in fact, we’ve been working on house projects all morning!). ⠀

I have a passion for people loving the homes they’re in, right now. Not the dream home they someday wish to have, but the apartment they’re renting, the too-small house, the house that they’ve been in for 25 years—you name it. Life is too short for discontentment, and although discontentment has to do with your heart, I think that changing what you can about your circumstances certainly helps! ⠀

I’m currently obsessed with ‘This is Us,’ half-baked chewy homemade caramel corn, and borrowing home decor books from the library. Also, I’ve discovered that when my husband is out of town for work, the main food group that I consume is cheese. Anyone with me on that?? Photo by the ever-talented @megansawallphotography ⠀

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